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Genetic and morphologic variability of annual glassworts (Salicornia L.) from the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic)
Mitja Kaligarič, Borut Bohanec, Biljana Simonovik, Nina Šajna, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: The genetic variability of four pre-determined morphotypes of Salicornia (S. patula, S. emerici, S. veneta and the "saline type") from 10 locations on the Gulf of Trieste coast were studied by means of ploidy level estimation using flow cytometry and by molecular DNA analysis of ITS regions of nrDNA and cpDNA. Two groups, the diploids and tetraploids, with matching nrDNA sequences, were recognized. Two types of cpDNA emerged among the diploids; one the same as in tetraploids. This incongruence between nrDNA and cpDNA sequences indicates a hybridization with tetraploid maternal progenitors and demonstrates the evidence for reticulate evolution. The morphometry, based on generative morphological traits, did not clearly separate the four morphotypes. However, the most important characters - length of the middle fertile segment, length of the lateral flower, width of the scarious margin of the fertile segment in the floral region, conform to two genetically recognized types: diploid S. patula and the widely distributed tetraploid S. emerici, also comprising the "saline type" and morphotype, known as a charismatic endemic S. veneta, a flagship species for nature conservation. Other discriminative traits for diploid and tetraploid morphotypes are parameters of the flowers (comparison of length of the central vs. lateral flower) and stomatal index. The determination key is also given. The tetraploid S. emerici is by far the most common species of annual glassworts in the area, occupying more extreme habitats than a diploid S. patula, which mostly forms monodominate stands.
Keywords: botany, coastal flora, Gulf of Trieste, morphological variability, Salicornia emerici, Salicornia veneta, Salicornia patula
Published: 07.06.2012; Views: 1349; Downloads: 80
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