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3rd International Conference on Aerogels for Biomedical and Environmental Applications : book of abstracts

Abstract: The 3rd lnternational Conference on Aerogels for Biomedical and Environmental Applications, organized by the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering University of Maribor and the AERoGELS COST Action, presented the latest research results and applications of aerogels. This publication compiles the abstracts of the conference and highlights the main results and innovations. The abstracts address the use of aerogels in medical, pharmaceutical, and food applications, including drug delivery systems, scaffolds tor tissue engineering, and bioactive coatings. They also explore aerogels as catalysts, insulators, and environmental solutions and investigate improved catalytic activity and thermal insulation properties. The abstracts emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration and provide ideas tor future research directions. This publication provides valuable insights tor researchers and industry professionals interested in harnessing the remarkable properties of aerogels for biomedical and environmental purposes.
Keywords: aerogels, advanced materials, environmental applications, biomedical applications, research and development
Published in DKUM: 11.08.2023; Views: 284; Downloads: 54
.pdf Full text (12,27 MB)
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Nadgradnja simulacijskega modela proizvodnje linije s Siemensovim krmilnikom : diplomsko delo
Zala Slapnik, 2022, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: V diplomskem delu je opisana nadgradnja simulacijskega modela proizvodne linije podjetja Staudinger GmbH z industrijskim krmilnikom podjetja Siemens. Vzpostavitev komunikacije med krmilnikom in modelom se izvaja v programskem okolju TIA Portal V16 na operacijskem sistemu Windows 10. Pred nadgradnjo strojne in programske opreme je bil model voden z virtualnim krmilnikom ProConOS WIN RT. Programiranje in izvajanje programa se je izvajalo s programskim okoljem Multiprog 4.8. Najsodobnejši operacijski sistem, na katerem je delovala programska oprema za zapisovanje programa, je bil Windows 7. Model proizvodnje linije je sestavljen iz štirih plošč. Vsaka od plošč je povezan s komunikacijskim vmesnikom podjetja Phoenix Contact, ki za komunikacijo s krmilnikom uporablja Modbus TCP/IP komunikacijo. Siemensovi krmilniki serije 1200 in 1500 za privzeto vrsto komunikacije ne uporabljajo Modbus TCP/IP, vendar je kljub temu to komunikacijo možno vzpostaviti z namembnimi programskimi bloki. Vsak komunikacijski vmesnik potrebuje dva programska bloka, s čimer dosežemo dvosmerno komunikacijo. Ker se konfiguracije posameznih blokov med sabo le malo razlikujejo, je podrobneje predstavljena konfiguracija le enega para blokov.
Keywords: Modbus TCP/IP, industrijsko omrežje, komunikacijski vmesnik, TIA Portal V16, S7-PLCSIM Advanced
Published in DKUM: 21.10.2022; Views: 429; Downloads: 33
.pdf Full text (8,22 MB)

Izdelava digitalnega dvojčka proizvodne linije v okolju NX Mechatronics Concept Designer : diplomsko delo
Taja Pec, 2022, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Diplomsko delo temelji na postopku razvoja digitalnega dvojčka proizvodne linije v programskem okolju NX Mechatronics Concept Designer, ki omogoča virtualno simuliranje in napovedovanje obnašanja fizičnih procesov. V nalogi je predstavljen podroben postopek zasnove digitalnega dvojčka danega fizičnega modela proizvodne linije podjetja Staudinger GmBH. Na kratko sta opisana uporabljena programska okolja S7-PLCSIM Advanced in TIA Portal, ki sta bila potrebna za vzpostavitev povezave digitalnega dvojčka z zunanjo signalizacijo. Na koncu je priložen program, ustvarjen v programskem okolju TIA Portal, ki omogoča ciklično potovanje izdelka po proizvodni liniji.
Keywords: digitalni dvojček, NX MCD, Siemens, TIA Portal, PLCSIM Advanced
Published in DKUM: 21.10.2022; Views: 475; Downloads: 68
.pdf Full text (5,08 MB)

Advanced Nursing Practice : International Experiences and Future Direction for Nursing in Slovenia, Book of Abstracts
2021, proceedings

Abstract: First international Advanced Nursing Practice conference in Slovenia brought world leading academic scholars to exchange and share their experiences on Advance Nursing Practice (ANP) education and practice. Special emphasis will be put on presentation of competencies, roles and scope of practice. Aim of our conference was to bring ANP education and especially the nature of ANP practice closer to an academic and clinical environment as well to decision making bodies in government and other professional groups in Slovenia. Numerous studies have shown that advanced practice nurses can provide quality patient care by role extension or expansion, contribute to efficacy, cost efficiency, patient satisfaction, reduced (re)hospitalizations, and reduced mortality. Experts from countries where ANP is well established and experts from countries where ANP is in the beginning stages of development participated in round table discussion. Conclusions of the round table discussion produced future direction for development of ANP in Slovenia.
Keywords: advanced nursing practice, nursing, nurses, education, conference
Published in DKUM: 20.07.2021; Views: 1527; Downloads: 147
.pdf Full text (2,01 MB)
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Experiencing stress among nurses during resuscitation procedure and legal obligations for healthcare workers in Slovenia
Anton Koželj, Maja Strauss, Matej Strnad, 2020, original scientific article

Abstract: Nurses are always part of the team that performs resuscitation procedures. In this paper the authors explore the influence that resuscitation procedures on nurses who perform them. For data collection, the authors used a survey with a convenience sample of nurses who work in emergency settings. For statistical processing of data, the authors used the calculation of frequency, standard deviation, means, and median. Authors used Spearman's rank correlation coefficient and calculated the p-value. The respondents in the survey completed the Post-Code Stress Scale. The results show that the majority of the respondents experienced resuscitation cases as burdensome situations; however, the level of stress was moderate. Nurses still experience some physical and psychological symptoms during resuscitations.
Keywords: basic life support, advanced life support, workloads, resuscitation team, feelings, healthcare worker
Published in DKUM: 15.01.2021; Views: 624; Downloads: 24
URL Link to file

Numerical simulations of full-scale vehicles using PANS turbulence model : [master thesis]
Jan Viher, 2019, master's thesis

Abstract: External aerodynamics plays an important role in improving road vehicles efficiency. In the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), relatively basic and often inaccurate turbulence models are typically used in the industry. In this work, the Partially-Averaged-Navier-Stokes (PANS) method is used to show its applicability for industrial purposes. An air flow past two distinct geometrical models has been simulated using AVL FIRE and results have been compared with available measurements. The results show that the accuracy is vastly improved in comparison with conventional turbulence models. In modern external aerodynamics applications, the PANS model has the potential to be more widely used.
Keywords: aerodynamics, PANS, full-scale, advanced modelling
Published in DKUM: 28.11.2019; Views: 959; Downloads: 102
.pdf Full text (3,61 MB)

Vizualizacija procesa preoblikovanja s krmilnikom in mikro zaslonom : diplomsko delo
Bojan Vidovič, 2018, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Diplomsko delo opisuje avtomatizacijo in vizualizacijo elektropnevmatskega sistema z mikro krmilnikom ter mikro zaslonom na dotik. Predstavljeni so tako postopki programiranja in vizualizacije procesa kakor tudi uporabljena strojna oprema Siemens S7-200 ter Micro Panel – SIMATIC TP 177micro. Pričujoče delo opisuje tudi povezave z resničnim sistemom, različne možnosti uporabe programske opreme SIMATIC WinCC Flexible Advanced in težave, s katerimi se lahko pri uporabi srečujemo, poleg tega pa še programski paket STEP 7-Micro/WIN, uporabljen za programiranje krmilnika. Po korakih so predstavljene tudi informacije ter postopki, potrebni za konfiguracijo programov in strojne opreme ter povezavo med njimi.
Keywords: PLK, HMI, elektropnevmatski sistem, STEP 7-Micro/WIN, Siemens SIMATIC S7-200, Siemens SIMATIC WinCC flexible Advanced, Micro Panel – SIMATIC TP 177micro.
Published in DKUM: 26.09.2018; Views: 1071; Downloads: 109
.pdf Full text (2,34 MB)
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Experimental testing of single APM spheres
Matej Vesenjak, Lovre Krstulović-Opara, 2010, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: Advanced pore morphology (APM) foam, consisting of sphere-like metallic foam elements, proves to have advantageous mechanical properties and unique application adjustability. Since the APM foam manufacturing procedure has been developed recently, the mechanical characterization of these materials is still very limited. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to determine the behaviour of APM spheres and its composites when subjected to quasi-staticand dynamic compressive loading. The results of the performed research have shown valuable mechanical properties of the composite APM foam structures, offering new possibilities for their use in general engineering applications.
Keywords: advanced pore morphology, foam, composite APM foam structures
Published in DKUM: 26.07.2017; Views: 1239; Downloads: 364
.pdf Full text (1,61 MB)
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Dejan Tojnko, 2016, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Varnost in zasebnost podatkov, je v današnjem času zelo pomembna, saj se informacije o ljudeh zbirajo na vsakem koraku na vsakem koraku. Naloga skrbnikov podatkov je, da podatke zaščitijo in tako varujejo zasebnost, naloga ljudi pa je, da z svojimi podatki ravnajo odgovorno in so seznanjeni komu jih predajajo. V prvem delu diplomskega dela smo teoretično opisali, kaj pomeni varnost in zasebnost podatkov in kako se zagotavlja. V drugem delu, pa smo izvedli raziskavo z pomočjo eksperimenta, ki je vključeval napravo za sledenje očem in anketni vprašalnik. V tretjem delu naloge smo predstavili rezultate raziskave in podali nekaj predlogov. Rezultati raziskave so pokazali, da uporabniki ne zaupajo v oblačne storitve, kar je lahko posledica tega, da so zelo slabo seznanjeni z varnostjo in varovanjem zasebnosti v tovrstnih storitvah. Uporabnik prav tako ne pozna svojih pravic in se ne seznani z pogoji uporabe, čeprav jih ponudniki jasno predstavijo. Na splošno je zavedanje o varnosti in zasebnosti zelo nizko. Ugotovili smo, da raziskava pri kateri potrebujemo več kandidatov in posebno opreme še zdaleč ni preprosta za izvedbo in zahteva veliko priprav in načrtovanja.
Keywords: Saas - Software as a service – programska oprema kot storitev, IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service – infrastruktura kot storitev, PaaS - Platform as a Service – platforma kot storitev, CRM – customer relation management - upravljanje odnosov s strankami, AES - advanced encryption standard – napredni šifrirni standard, EU – European Union – Evropska unija, DoS – Denial of Service – zavrnitev storitve
Published in DKUM: 26.09.2016; Views: 1405; Downloads: 95
.pdf Full text (1,57 MB)

Analiza uporabnosti kompozitnih materialov za konstruiranje nosilnih elementov vozil pri povišanih temperaturah
Andraž Kranjc, 2016, master's thesis

Abstract: Polimeri, ojačani z ogljikovimi vlakni, so sodobni inženirski materiali. Zanima nas ali je implementacija raziskanega materiala primerna za vozila, kjer se pojavljajo raznolike obremenitve ter v veliki večini tudi povišana temperatura. Prednost ojačanih polimerov je majhna masa, relativno visoka trdnost in cena pri serijskih izdelkih. Poznavanje in napovedovanje njihovih mehanskih lastnosti je kompleksen proces zaradi, anizotropnih materialnih lastnosti. V magistrskem delu povzamemo teoretične osnove modeliranja in analiziranja tovrstnih materialov. Pripravili smo testne vzorce in jih natezno porušili pri sobni in povišani temperaturi. Materialne podatke, pridobljene pri sobni temperaturi, smo nato uporabili za določitev materialnega modela. Poleg mikroskopske analize vzorcev, opravimo še analizo povišane temperature, kar nam da splošno dober pregled nad materialom. Kasneje prikažemo pripravo numerične simulacije brizganja osnove ploščice, iz katere smo izrezali testne vzorce. Na podlagi omenjene simulacije analiziramo napoved stopnje orientacije v brizganem izdelku. Nadaljujemo z nastavitvijo trdnostne simulacije ter generiranje in preslikavo nelinearnih ortotropnih materialnih podatkov. Orientacijo vlaken prenesemo v trdnostno analizo in s tem prikažemo način modeliranja tovrstnih materialov. Na podlagi celotnega opravljenega dela analiziramo rezultate ter potrdimo oziroma ovržemo hipotezo. Magistrsko delo je zastavljeno kot osnova in priročnik za daljne raziskave s tega področja. Podaja pomembne in koristne informacije, poleg tega pa podaja bogate izkušnje iz področja kompozitnih materialov.
Keywords: kompoziti, vlakna, polimeri, ojačani kompoziti, natezni preizkus, natezni preizkus pri povišani temperaturi, simulacija brizganja, metoda končnih elementov, preslikava materialnega modela, ortotropni materialni model, Abaqus, Moldflow, Advanced Material Exchange.
Published in DKUM: 14.09.2016; Views: 1311; Downloads: 62
.pdf Full text (4,53 MB)

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