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A Psychological Analysis of a Post Modern Adaptation of The Tempest
Deja Kučer, 2017, master's thesis

Abstract: The master’s thesis A Psychological Analysis of a Post Modern Adaptation of The Tempest deals with scientific analysis of the underlying themes which are common to the play The Tempest (1610–11) from Elizabethan era and its modern adaptation, a science fiction film Forbidden Planet (1956). I focus on character analysis and continue with Freud’s psychological theory focusing on two models of human psyche, in which according to the structural model the psyche consists of three entities: id, ego and superego. The other model of the human psyche is the topographical model, where I explain the differences between the unconscious and conscious mind. I also present Freud’s theory of dreams. In addition, I link Freud’s theory to the two literary works. The analysis shows what consequences can occur if one’s id, as a source of aggressive drives, gets too strong and acts only to satisfy its primeval impulses. Through parallelism between magic and technology I found that technology has the greatest impact on the one who possess it.
Keywords: The Tempest, Forbidden Planet, adaptation, Freud, id, dreams, magic, technology
Published: 07.03.2017; Views: 483; Downloads: 76
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