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Preparing materials for ESP teaching
Polona Vičič, 2010, published professional conference contribution

Keywords: English for Specific Purposes (ESP), general business textbook, subject specific materials, tailor-made materials
Published: 05.06.2012; Views: 917; Downloads: 28
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Historical and Linguistic Elements in the Novel of Slavery The Price of a Child
Cita Konec, 2012, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The paper presents the contemporary novel of slavery written by Lorene Cary, and published in 1995. The novel is based on the actual story of Jane Johnson, an escaped slave, and follows two events from Johnson's life. The Price of a Child includes many other historical facts, mentions several notable people, societies and movements of the antebellum era. The paper begins with the explanation of the term "neo-slave" narrative, and argues for the appropriateness of the term as a classification for The Price of a Child. The setting of the novel, plot summary and analysis of characters is presented prior to the two main sections of the paper, "Historical Elements" and "Linguistic Elements". The paper examines the historical facts in the novel, determines the extent of their historical accuracy, and analyses the literary dialect, which presents several stable features of the African American Vernacular English in direct discourse.
Keywords: The Price of a Child, neo-slave narrative, historical elements, African American Vernacular English
Published: 04.07.2012; Views: 1303; Downloads: 95
.pdf Full text (525,70 KB)

The role of background music in the English language classroom
Anna Sorger, 2013, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the interest in second language learning has been increasing in recent years. In the context of primary and secondary education in Slovenia, English language is prominent in the field of foreign languages. A quite similar picture can also be seen in the context of non-formal educational system for adults (http://www.stat.si). Throughout recent years, more and more attention has been given to the importance of a learning environment. Stimulating and pleasant learning environment has a considerable impact on the actors of an educational process and the results of a learning process. Many researchers and educators have been trying to discover the path to effective teaching and learning. In the 1970s, Dr. Georgi Lozanov, the Bulgarian psychotherapist, developed a teaching method called Suggestopedia. The approach was based on the idea that positive suggestion stimulates the learning process. Relaxation techniques, music and a pleasant environment are central to this approach. Mainly it was used to teach foreign languages. The purpose of this graduation thesis is to determine the impact of background music in the English language classroom. Additionally, it is examined whether the age factor plays a role in the perception acceptance to listening to music in the English classroom. It is assumed that learners have a positive experience regarding the use of background music in the English language classroom. By using a questionnaire we found out that learners (both, younger and older) are more relaxed during English lessons when background music is being played. Learners also tend to listen to it more often during English lessons. It was also found out that, compared to younger learners, adult learners use various relaxation techniques in order to increase relaxation during studying more often.
Keywords: English language classroom, background music, learning environment, relaxation
Published: 08.01.2014; Views: 865; Downloads: 94
.pdf Full text (616,81 KB)

Look back in anger and popular culture
Michelle Gadpaille, 2008, original scientific article

Keywords: English literature, history and criticism
Published: 07.06.2012; Views: 838; Downloads: 24
URL Link to full text

Carmen Astrid Horvat, 2012, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Communication and interaction with people of different cultures is nowadays available to anyone. Some cultures are more alike than others, and trying to communicate with people of different cultures can be difficult, since each language has its own characteristics. This diploma paper discusses to what extent, if any, certain linguistic characteristics of Black English from the film Do the Right Thing can be translated into the Slovene language. The theoretical part presents the meaning of culture, cultural differences, a brief presentation of Slovene and African-American culture, along with a detailed presentation of speech of African-Americans, including its characteristics, which is followed by skopos theory and subtitling standards. The empirical part consists of analysis and comparison of examples with Black English characteristics found in the film, with their equivalents in Slovene translations. The skopos theory and subtitling standards are considered in the analysis as well.
Keywords: culture, African-American, Black English, subtitling, skopos
Published: 23.11.2012; Views: 1177; Downloads: 72
.pdf Full text (770,01 KB)

Mirjana Hutinski Mušić, 2012, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: ABSTRACT English is the biggest donor language in the world. Namely, a lot of languages still borrow words from English. However, English has itself borrowed many thousands of words from other languages. The process of language borrowing, which is widespread linguistic phenomenon, is still going on. English has always adopted loanwords from the languages of whatever cultures they have come in contact with. The history of loanwords is therefore quite complex because loanwords have often passed through a series of languages before reaching English. Although the majority of words in English have come from one of the large number of languages that belong to the Indo-European group, Modern English tends to increasingly borrow words from less known languages, even exotic ones. This graduation thesis deals with recent lexical borrowings in Modern English that came from some exotic sources. Since there are several languages from which borrowings were taken, I discuss those that are less common, even exotic. I decided to research six languages, among which are the following: Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish and Yiddish. In the first part of my thesis a brief history of Modern English is presented. Then a brief presentation of the process of borrowing follows. The main part of my thesis represents an analysis of the borrowings from exotic sources. Each language is analyzed separately; the words are categorized according to the different categories of various vocabulary areas. The meaning, the etymology and example sentence is provided for each word. The last part offers an analysis of the languages that contributed to the enrichment of the English language.
Keywords: borrowings, etymology, the History of Modern English, exotic sources
Published: 18.12.2012; Views: 1384; Downloads: 70
.pdf Full text (760,68 KB)

Irish English: Vocabulary and Pronunciation
Lidija Potočnik, 2012, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: English is a world language. In UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand it is spoken as a first language. There are numerous countries where English is spoken as a second language and in even more countries where English is spoken as a foreign language. Nowadays English is considered to be lingua franca of the world communication. There exist different varieties of English, and Irish English is one of them. English was brought to Ireland by the British in the seventeenth century. Therefore, Irish English is strongly influenced by Irish language which is the first official language in Ireland; English is the second. There are two main varieties of English in Ireland; Northern and Southern variety. Northern variety was historically influenced by the Scots English, and Southern Irish English developed under the influence of English English. Therefore there exist several varieties of pronunciation and differences in vocabulary. Of course, both Irish English varieties differ from British English in vocabulary and pronunciation and that is also emphasized in this graduation thesis.
Keywords: Irish English, British English, vocabulary, pronunciation, Irish language
Published: 06.02.2013; Views: 1500; Downloads: 100
.pdf Full text (4,60 MB)

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