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The influence of war on the dynamics of unemployment in Banovina (Croatia)
Zoran Stiperski, Zdenko Braičić, 2009, review article

Abstract: This paper deals with the effects of economic transition and the Croatian war for independence (the Homeland War) on the stagnation and decline of economic activities, which resulted in mass unemployment. This problem is analysed in the case of Banovina, a traditionally underdeveloped region that was occupied during the war by Serb aggressor forces. A comparison of the dynamics of unemployment in Banovina, and its structural characteristics, with average trends and traits in Croatia provides insight into some of the developmental problems that burden this region.
Keywords: Banovina, war devastation, economic stagnation, unemployment, structural traits
Published in DKUM: 26.03.2018; Views: 839; Downloads: 83
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Former Yugoslav countries in the Balkan context and differences in their economic development
Zoran Stiperski, Jelena Lončar, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: In this article we will talk about the perception of Balkan, how the people who lives there and people from the West see it and how it become that Balkan have so negative connotations. Also we will present how the former Yugoslav countries, as once a part of Balkan, has the different economic growth which existed and still exist between those countries. We will try to explain why some of them economically gone very far and others are still falling behind.
Keywords: Balkan, former Yugoslavia, former Yugoslav countries, differences in development
Published in DKUM: 14.03.2018; Views: 919; Downloads: 99
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