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SVONAR : a new quantitative method for studying learner satisfaction
Peter Kokol, Slavko Cvetek, Marko Kokol, Petra Kokol, Matej Urbas, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: We investigated studentsʼ feelings and well-being during the lesson. We were working on a problem of how to adjust teaching in the secondary school and achieve that students will feel as good as possible and better follow the instruction. A hypothesis was set that, by measuring the desired length of lesson and factors which influence lesson length, we can measure and influencestudent satisfaction. Based on this hypothesis we investigated the factors which have influence on lesson length in a particular subject. Data were collected by means of a questionnaire. The subjects were students of II. gimnazija (secondary grammar school). The responses were analysed to obtain correlations between the factors (average grade in a subject, boredness and likableness of the teacher, length and level of boreness of lesson content, fear of the teacher) and lesson length. Results suggest that, by modifying these factors we could change studentsʼ opinions, that is, increase their willingness to attend classes. The set hypothesis was confirmed and it was shown that by using simple diagrammatic models built on the basis of linear regression we can identify and study the influence of these factors on lesson length.
Keywords: teaching, secondary school, quantitative methods, student satisfaction
Published: 05.06.2012; Views: 1169; Downloads: 151
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Petra Kokol, 2013, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: V diplomski nalogi analiziram reprezntacijo žensk v Disneyjevi seriji princese. V ta namen kot teoretično podlago svoje semiotične analize uporabim teorije Myre Macdonald (1995), ki je reprezentacijo žensk v medijih razdelila na štiri sklope mitov: mite o ženski kot skrbni in ljubeči osebi, mite o ženski kot enigmi, mite o ženskem telesu in mite o ženski seksualnosti. V analitičnem delu primerjam zgodbe filmov iz serije z izvirnimi zgodbami, po katerih so bile narejene in ugotovim, kako so jih Disneyjevi studii prilagodili mitom o ženskosti. Ugotvim tudi v kakšnem obsegu se specifični miti pojavijo v seriji in primerjam njihovo pojavljanje v posameznih risankah skozi čas.
Keywords: reprezentacija, Disney, princese, miti
Published: 05.12.2013; Views: 842; Downloads: 221
.pdf Full text (2,17 MB)

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