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Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" and implications for leadership : theoretical discussion
Vlado Dimovski, Miha Marič, Miha Uhan, Nina Đurica, Marko Ferjan, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: We present a study of the Art of War from a leadership perspective, one in which we make a closer connection to the context of general organization and management. The Art of War written by Sun Tzu is one of those books that could be classified in the genre of pop-culture. Although its content used to be considered as a carefully protected state secret in the past, it is now available to everyone. Its use has in the past century of moved from warfare also to other areas of human activity. Strategic advices that it contains can be used in many more areas than just the conduct in the times of war. In fact, the success in wars, as well as in business, of course, depends on leadership, which is why we identify the positive and negative attributes of a leader in relation to strategic leadership. People are those who fight in battles and are also those who win them; and the most important person in every battle is the general. Historically, a number of successful military commanders ascribe the credit for their victories to Sun Tzu's principles. In addition, this wisdom is now being examined and used by senior executives from all around the world, especially in Asia, because it can be utilized in many business and political situations. The Chinese classic "The Art of War" is still considered as one of the most influential and important works on strategy, why a discussion on theoretical and practical implications of Sun Tzu's strategic leadership theory in a global environment is also included.
Keywords: organization, leadership, management, Sun Tzu
Published in DKUM: 22.01.2018; Views: 1270; Downloads: 203
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Human resources annual interview as a part of authentic leadership
Miha Marič, Tamara Gerdej, Sandra Penger, Eva Jereb, Jasmina Žnidaršič, Nina Đurica, 2013, original scientific article

Abstract: In the paper one of the techniques used in human resource management annual interview as an important part of authentic leadership is discussed. Authentic leadership is the most important matter at the present moment in leadership development and emphasizes the leader’s authenticity. For a leader to be authentic we believe he should have an in depth knowledge of people he is working with and that can be achieved through communication. One of the standardized forms of communication between a leader and his coworkers are annual interviews. In the research where 565 people participated we found out that annual interview is an important part of human resource management and is closely related to authentic leadership. The relation is especially relevant in the part of managing and collaborating with colleagues and subordinates.
Keywords: HRM, annual interviews, authentic leadership, communication
Published in DKUM: 10.07.2015; Views: 1926; Downloads: 381
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