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Miloš Tarlać, 2016, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Diplomsko delo raziskuje, primerja in analizira športne vsebine v dnevnoinformativnih oddajah na nacionalni in komercialni televiziji. V teoretičnem delu naloge je opisan razvoj obeh televizij, predstavljene so njune programske sheme in dnevnoinformativne oddaje Dnevnik na Televiziji Slovenija ter 24ur na POP TV. Opisane so tudi televizijske pravice za neposreden prenos športnih dogodkov, in analizirana je gledanost informativnih oddaj ter športnih vsebin. V glavnem, empiričnem delu naloge je s pomočjo analize občinstva in primerjavo športnih vsebin raziskana razlika v podajanju športnih novic v osrednjih informativnih programih obeh televizij. V nalogi smo ugotavljali razlike in podobnosti v strukturi programske sheme, podajanju športnih poročil in kdo je njihovo ciljno občinstvo.
Keywords: dnevnoinformativna oddaja, športna poročila, šport, komercialna televizija, javna televizija, gledanost
Published: 09.09.2016; Views: 1060; Downloads: 70
.pdf Full text (1,59 MB)

Strategic management in development of youth and women entrepreneurship
Ivan Todorović, Stefan Komazec, Miloš Jevtić, Vladimir Obradović, Miha Marič, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: Background and Purpose: Volume and sophistication of scientific research related to different aspects of entrepreneurship have significantly increased in recent years. Many authors point out the positive influence that development of micro, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship has on economic growth and job creation. According to various researchers, youth entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurship are two very important elements of this global phenomenon. The purpose of this paper is to provide the analysis of strategic framework for the support to the development of youth and women entrepreneurship in Serbia. Design/Methodology/Approach: Situational analysis of youth and women employment and examination of official Government strategic documents related to strategic framework for the support to the development of youth and women entrepreneurship in Serbia will be conducted. Results: Concrete activities have to be performed by different stakeholders, mostly non-government organizations. The activity stakeholders are on the bottom of the institutional framework, which provides the support to MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) sector that will execute the operations in accordance with the defined strategic framework. Conclusion: Youth-run enterprises provide numerous benefits for society; they reduce youth unemployment and help young people prepare for their future. Female entrepreneurs also have strong economic and social impact.
Keywords: entrepreneurship, MSME sector, strategy, strategic management
Published: 04.04.2017; Views: 404; Downloads: 58
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L-arginine intake effect on adenin nucleotide metabolism in rat parenchymal and reproductive tissues
Gordana Kocić, J. Nikolić, Tatjana Jevtović, Dušan Sokolović, H. Kocić, T. Cvetković, Miloš Pavlović, Avrelija Cencič, D. Stojanovic, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: L-arginine is conditionally essential amino acid, required for normal cell growth, protein synthesis, ammonia detoxification, tissue growth and general performance, proposed in the treatment of men sterility and prevention of male impotence. The aim of the present paper was to estimate the activity of the enzymes of adenine nucleotide metabolismČ 5' -nucleotidase ( 5'-NU), adenosine deaminase (ADA), AMP deaminase, and xanthine oxidase (XO), during dietary intake of L-arginine for a period of four weeks of male Wistar rats. Adenosine concentration in tissues is maintained by the relative activities of the adenosine-producing enzyme, 5' -NU and the adenosine-degrading enzyme-ADA adenosine deaminase. Dietary L-arginine intake directed adenine nucleotide metabolism in liver, kidney, and testis tissue toward the activation of adenosine production, by increased 5' -NU activity and decreased ADA activity. Stimulation of adenosine accumulation could be of importance in mediating arginine antiatherosclerotic, vasoactive, immunomodulatory, and antioxidant effects. Assuming that the XO activity reflects the rate of purine catabolism in the cell, while the activity of AMP deaminase is of importance in ATP regeneration, reduced activity of XO, together with the increased AMP-deaminase activity, may suggest that adenine nucleotides are presumably directed to the ATP regenerating process during dietary L-arginine intake.
Keywords: biochemistry
Published: 15.06.2017; Views: 185; Downloads: 37
.pdf Full text (1,16 MB)
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Numerical-experimental analysis of the foldable containers strength
Sevket Celović, Miloš Tipsarević, Taško Maneski, Tomaž Vuherer, Dražan Kozak, 2015, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper describes the numerical and the experimental methodology for analysis of plastic packaging strength characteristics that are representative of its strength in the real life. Numerical analysis was conducted by the application of finite elements using "KOMIPS" software. The experiments were executed with the equipment "GOM" and software application "ARAMIS". The main issues we want to answer are related to correctly ordering and defining characteristics of container. This article will show how we can predict experimental results by the means of finite element analysis; we find this is a very strong learning tool that would enable designers to improve the structural strength of new products in the future. Experimental and numerical analysis results have to date shown a high degree of correlation.
Keywords: experiment, FEM, foldable container, strength
Published: 12.07.2017; Views: 284; Downloads: 177
.pdf Full text (4,38 MB)
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The role of small-sided games in modern soccer and the issue of their holism
Miloš Tul, Zdenko Verdenik, Matija Maršič, Matjaž Mulej, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: In the modern soccer, small-sided games (SSG) present a significant proportion of the whole training process. SSG are introduced regularly and with different emphases, depending on the players' basic technical skills and on the training objectives, but also according to different (sports) cultural contexts. SSG immersed into the wider soccer area at different speeds and with different emphases, often with rather modified designs. Due to their extraordinary adaptability and efficiency, SSG as a working method have undergone a great expansion. Their design and (possible) versatility are explained in this paper from a somewhat unusual perspective of the systemic theories as the theories of achieving the greatest possible holism of our reflections and actions. In the foreground of this paper there is the question of SSG integrity (as the prevailing practical methods of work in modern football practice), through the analysis of the conditions required in order to classify the use and further development of SSG in practice as an innovation, taking into account the laws of requisite holism and innovation.
Keywords: soccer, small-sided games, requisite holism, innovation, innovative working, systemic theories
Published: 21.07.2017; Views: 540; Downloads: 51
.pdf Full text (519,34 KB)
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Validity of the “fall back” test for boldness
Saša Veličković, Miloš Paunović, Vladan Vukašinović, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: Synonyms for the word boldness include courage, fearlessness, heroism and bravery. The best examples of courage in sport are athletes who, despite difficult situations, conditions and strong competition, perform very risky elements, break records, etc. The "Fall back" measurement instrument has been used in the selection process for artistic gymnastics. Bearing in mind that this test requires a drop back down an inclined plane, it requires a degree of courage in the realization of this motor task. The aim of this research is to determine the validity of the "fall back" test and to answer the question: Is the "Fall back" test actually a measure of courage among beginners in the sport? In this study, the research sample consisted of 16 boys and 33 girls, third graders from the Jovan Cvijic elementary school in Kostolac, aged nine years (+/- 6 months). The sample of variables represented the results written using two measurement instruments: 1. Psychological survey -test of boldness and courage - PSBC (a test modeled after the - Erikson`s theory of Psyhosocial Development test - About.com Psyhology); 2. Situational motor measuring instrument - Fall back - MFIB. The resulting measurements were analyzed by the appropriate statistical methods, which are congruent with the set objective and task ofthe study. The validity of the "Fall back" situational-motor test is determined by calculating the coefficient of correlation (r) between said composite test and a psychological test of courage. The very high coefficients of correlation that resulted in all three cases (total sample r = .846, sample of boys r = .873, a sample of girls r = .845) indicate a high validity level for the test, "Fall back", that is, the subject of measurement in the test, largely corresponds with the subject of measurement in the PSBC psychological test. The height of the correlation coefficient also justifies the use of the "Fall back" test as a composite test. A high validity of the "Fall back" measurement instrument (MFIB), which is indicated by the high Pearson coefficients of correlation between the"Fall back" measurement instruments and the psychological test of courage and boldness, was established for all three samples of respondents.
Keywords: boldness, tests, fall back, validity
Published: 11.10.2017; Views: 405; Downloads: 36
.pdf Full text (157,86 KB)
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Učinki dela pod napetostjo kot metode vzdrževanja električnih inštalacij
Viktor Lovrenčić, 2018, doctoral dissertation

Abstract: Organizacije so soočene s pričakovanji in zahtevami zainteresiranih deležnikov, upoštevajoč zahteve glede kakovosti, varnosti in zdravja pri delu, trajnostnega razvoja, varstva okolja in nenazadnje odgovornega ravnanja do družbe, v kateri deluje organizacija. Pri tem mnogo organizacij išče inovativne poti za izpolnitev zahtev širših in ožjih deležnikov, družbe, regulatorjev, lastnikov, zaposlenih ali preprosto pričakovanja svojih odjemalcev za povečanje zadovoljstva. Aktualni pogledi na management kakovosti in razvoj sodobnih konceptov vzdrževanja odpirajo raznolike možnosti vključevanja različnih metod vzdrževanja, ki peljejo organizacijo k učinkovitemu in uspešnemu obvladovanju procesov vzdrževanja. Slednje spoznanje je prispevalo k temu, da je proces vzdrževanja postal integralni element strateškega razmišljanja številnih deležnikov oziroma zainteresiranih strani v organizaciji, od zaposlenih, lastnikov, lokalne skupnosti do države. Organizacije investirajo v inovativne procese številna sredstva in vire, saj za doseganje ciljev uvajajo nove pristope, da bi izboljšale svojo učinkovitost in uspešnost. Učinkovito in uspešno obvladovanje tako poslovnih, proizvodnih ali storitvenih procesov kot tudi procesa vzdrževanja je ključno za nadaljnji uspešen razvoj organizacij v mnogih panogah. Med inovativne napore organizacij lahko uvrstimo tudi uvajanje in izvajanje vzdrževanja električnih inštalacij oziroma postrojev z metodo dela pod napetostjo (Live Working). Delo pod napetostjo (DPN) je vsako delo, pri katerem se delavec z deli telesa ali z orodjem, opremo ali napravami zavestno dotakne delov pod napetostjo ali poseže v območje dela pod napetostjo. DPN je metoda vzdrževanja električnih inštalacij oziroma postrojev, ki se je prvič uveljavila v začetku 20. stoletja, saj je njena uporaba prvič omenjena v ZDA že leta 1913. Navkljub stoletni tradiciji je v zadnjem času DPN z reorganizacijo oziroma prestrukturiranjem sektorja prenosa in distribucije električne energije dobil novo razvojno spodbudo, saj z odprtjem trga električne energije padajo stari monopoli v prenosu in distribuciji električne energije. Številni deležniki z bolj jasnimi ekonomskimi zahtevami večajo pritisk na upravljavce prenosnih in distribucijskih omrežij za doseganje višjih standardov kakovosti električne energije (KEE) oziroma kakovosti oskrbe z električno energijo. Čeprav govorimo o stoletni tradiciji, DPN predstavlja v slovenskem okolju novo metodo vzdrževanja električnih inštalacij oziroma postrojev v proizvodnji, distribuciji in prenosu električne energije ter v industriji in ustanovah (npr. v bolnišnicah), kar zahteva poglobljeno preučitev številnih interakcij na področju izvajanja DPN kot orodja preventivnega vzdrževanja. Glavni namen pričujoče doktorske disertacije je torej s poglobljenim raziskovanjem in razumevanjem dela pod napetostjo prispevati h kakovosti, varnosti in zdravju pri delu ter k učinkovitosti in uspešnosti procesov vzdrževanja električnih inštalacij oziroma postrojev. Dejstvo je, da obstaja bogata zbirka študij, priročnikov in strokovnih člankov, ki obravnavajo DPN predvsem z vidikov razvoja tehnologije in metod DPN na vseh nivojih napetosti, razvoja orodij in opreme ter usposabljanja monterjev. Nismo pa zasledili znanstvene literature, ki bi obravnavala povezave med managementom kakovosti, varnosti in zdravja pri delu ter učinkovitostjo in uspešnostjo procesov vzdrževanja električnih inštalacij oziroma postrojev z metodo DPN.
Keywords: management kakovosti, varnost in zdravje pri delu, učinkovitost in uspešnost organizacije, vzdrževanje, delo pod napetostjo
Published: 18.06.2018; Views: 538; Downloads: 87
.pdf Full text (5,71 MB)

Landslide assessment of the Strača basin (Croatia) using machine learning algorithms
Miloš Marjanović, Miloš Kovačević, Branislav Bajat, Snježana Mihalić Arbanas, Biljana Abolmasov, 2011, original scientific article

Abstract: In this research, machine learning algorithms were compared in a landslide-susceptibility assessment. Given the input set of GIS layers for the Starča Basin, which included geological, hydrogeological, morphometric, and environmental data, a classification task was performed to classify the grid cells to: (i) landslide and non-landslide cases, (ii) different landslide types (dormant and abandoned, stabilized and suspended, reactivated). After finding the optimal parameters, C4.5 decision trees and Support Vector Machines were compared using kappa statistics. The obtained results showed that classifiers were able to distinguish between the different landslide types better than between the landslide and non-landslide instances. In addition, the Support Vector Machines classifier performed slightly better than the C4.5 in all the experiments. Promising results were achieved when classifying the grid cells into different landslide types using 20% of all the available landslide data for the model creation, reaching kappa values of about 0.65 for both algorithms.
Keywords: landslides, support vector machines, decision trees classifier, Starča Basin
Published: 13.06.2018; Views: 157; Downloads: 23
.pdf Full text (382,76 KB)
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Uporaba lomljenih odvodov za identifikacijo in vodenje dielektričnih elastomernih aktuatorjev
Timi Karner, 2019, doctoral dissertation

Abstract: Cilj doktorske naloge je uporaba lomljenih odvodov za pridobitve materialnih lastnosti uporabljenega dielektričnega elastomernega aktuatorja ter na podlagi tega in uporabe lomljenih odvodov izpeljati uspešen algoritem vodenja. Za namene pridobitev materialnih lastnosti elastomera je bil uporabljen lomljeni Kelvin-Voigtov model, ki se od navadnega razlikuje po tem, da je potrebno določiti tri parametre. Poleg konstante vzmeti še konstanto dušenja ter red odvajanja dušilnega dela. S to pomočjo lahko opišemo širše področje dinamičnega delovanja oz. obremenjevanja elastomera. Po opravljenih dinamičnih obremenitvah in uvedbi algoritma za pridobivanje materialnih lastnosti elastomera, ki temelji na metodi najmanjših kvadratov, smo pridobili matematični model elastomera. Ta model predstavlja temelj izpeljave algoritma vodenja. S pomočjo Laplaceove transformacije je mogoče enostavno zapisati matematični model lomljenega Kelvin-Voigt modela z Laplaceovo spremenljivko. Nad tem sistemom izvedemo stopnični odziv na spremembo vhodne veličine in ga primerjamo s funkcijo FOPDT. Po izračunu parametrov funkcije FOPDT in po uporabi Wang–Juang–Chanovega algoritma pridobimo parametre za PID-regulator. Ti predstavljajo osnovo za pridobitev parametrov lomljenega regulatorja. S pomočjo orodja FOMCON znotraj programa Simulink ter željene fazne rezerve pridobimo red odvajanja in integriranja lomljenega regulatorja. Izkaže se, da uporaba lomljenih odvodov in integralov pri vodenju sistemov z lomljenimi odvodi da boljše rezultate od uporabe navadnega PID-regulatorja.
Keywords: dielektrični elastomeri, mehki aktuator, lomljeni Kelvin-Voigt model, lomljeni odvodi, vodenje sistema, PID, lomljeni PID
Published: 30.01.2020; Views: 87; Downloads: 27
.pdf Full text (7,83 MB)

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