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Experimental models of medium break loss of coolant accidents with and without steam generator tube rupture
Jure Marn, Marjan Delić, Leopold Škerget, 2003, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper reports model experiments simulating medium break loss of coolant accidents, with and without steam generator tube rupture (SGTR), in pressurized water reactors. Apart from a significant influence on the pressure in the reactor coolant system in the early parts of the accident, SGTR generally has only a small effect on the pressures and temperatures during the accident. The initial reactor conditions are found to be more significant. Some results of preliminary numerical models are briefly presented and these are broadly in agreement with the experimental measurements.
Keywords: nuclear engineering, nuclear accidents, steam generator tube rupture, loss of coolant, medium break loss of coolant accident, computer program, Melcor, MELCOR computer code, integral test facility
Published: 01.06.2012; Views: 885; Downloads: 72
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Siskov model toka nenewtonskih tekočin z metodo končnih prostornin
Marjan Delić, Jure Marn, Zoran Žunič, 2002, original scientific article

Abstract: Analizirali smo primernost metode končnih prostornin za izračun tokovnih razmer v nestisljivi viskozni nenewtonski tekočini ob uporabi Siskovega modela. Prav tako smo analizirali natančnost numeričnih rezultatov v odvisnosti od gostote mreže. Metodo smo testirali na primeru gnanega toka v kotanji in primeru toka v kanalu z nenadno zožitvijo. Numerično dobljene rezultate smo primerjali z vrednostmi iz literature. Za reološki model smo uporabili modelne parametre, dobljene na podlagi preskusa s cevnim viskozimetrom.
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 400; Downloads: 17
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