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Market orientation of business schools and development of professional competencies of students in the tourism business
Maja Rosi, Milan Jurše, 2016, professional article

Abstract: Recent trends of spreading of market globalization, technological progress, internationalization, privatization and other relevant changes are strategically changing the context in which all institutions of society operate and prosper. The higher education sector is also affected, and, in particular, the business education has to be better aligned with these external realities. In this dynamic and changing environment, students, businesses and other stakeholders require knowledge and skills that will provide them with competency in relation to the current economic situation and technological advances. Tourism sector and whole economy increasingly depend on contemporary knowledge that provides appropriate job competency to students and competitive advantage to the providers of services. Adjustment of public higher education institutions is important for enhancing their market position in increasingly competitive market for business education. There is an increasing number of private business schools that have emerged recently, also in the field of tourism that have seen their great potential for business success and earnings in the increasingly competitive business education market, framed by a very dynamic and competitive environment of business education. In addition, business schools have to deal with the trend of shrinking budgetary (public) funding of their operation, which forces them to search for additional funding by providing new educational offerings and strengthening of their market orientation. In the debate about the future of tourism education, there lies a gap between the requirements of the curriculum and the expectations of the industry, which argues that higher education has to serve the tourism of the future - that is to prepare students for a more active role in tourism organizations and in their search for improvements and adaptation to different competitive circumstances. Does business schools% curriculum follow the development of key recent trends in the industry? The main objective of this paper is to identify the key aspects of the dynamic adaptation of university business schools and to elaborate on the possible linkage between the development of professional competences of students in the field of tourism and the professional requirements of organizations in this industry. We will use the comparative method (overview and comparison of tourist programs of selected faculties in selected countries of the former Yugoslavia, review and comparison of their programs regardless of any possible accreditation) and benchmarking analysis that will help us identify differences in achieved professional student competencies in selected faculties and compare them against achieved professional student competencies of selected, leading faculties in central Europe in the field of tourism.
Keywords: graduate professional competence, tourism education, market orientation of public higher education institutions, globalization, privatization of higher education, tourist destinations, marketing
Published: 03.08.2017; Views: 793; Downloads: 253
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Priročnik za pisanje in urejanje besedil Fakultete za turizem Univerze v Mariboru
Mitja Gorenak, Borut Vojinović, Andreja Trdina, Boris Prevolšek, Marko Koščak, Barbara Pavlakovič, Maja Rosi, Nejc Pozvek, 2017, professional monograph

Abstract: Učni proces na fakulteti ne zahteva samo udeležbe na predavanjih in dejavnega sodelovanja na vajah, temveč tudi intenzivno individualno delo študenta. To se mnogokrat predstavi v obliki seminarske naloge oziroma pisnega dela. Najbolj pomembno samostojno delo študenta pa je zagotovo zaključna – diplomska ali magistrska naloga. Da bi študentom Fakultete za turizem Univerze v Mariboru predstavili in olajšali pripravo pisnih del, smo na fakulteti pripravili priročnik za pisanje in urejanje besedil. Strokovna monografija zajema poglavja, ki študenta vodijo skozi celoten proces raziskovanja in pisanja dela. Od začetnega iskanja ideje, osnov znanstvenega pisanja in raziskovanja v turizmu, do posameznih korakov raziskovalnega procesa in raziskovalnih metod. V strokovno monografijo je vključeno tudi poglavje o osebnih odnosih, ki še posebej nagovarja odnos med študentom in mentorjem pri pisanju zaključnih del. Priročnik podaja tudi praktične nasvete o jezikovnem in tehničnem oblikovanju besedila ter navajanju literature in virov. Strokovna monografija tako združuje temeljne informacije, ki jih bodo pri svojem delu uporabljali študenti in predavatelji, saj bodo skupaj sledili enotnim smernicam pisanja besedil v turizmu na Fakulteti za turizem.
Keywords: pisanje besedil, urejanje besedil, raziskovanje, citiranje, tehnično oblikovanje besedil
Published: 07.08.2017; Views: 954; Downloads: 98
.pdf Full text (1,17 MB)
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Raising awareness of urban environment development in primary schools
Maja Rosi, Jerneja Smole, Jasna Potočnik Topler, 2016, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: In the past few years, excessive efforts have been made to increase the city’s attractiveness and its international positioning. Also studies on the so-called city destination branding are on the rise. Theorists, as Ramirez (2001), Marzano and Scott (2009), among many others, are discussing different aspects of this complex process. Many approaches and strategies are dealing with the positioning of urban environments and city destinations, trying to provide at least some partial answers about achieving this objective. With proper marketing and branding, cities can do a lot to attract tourists and visitors. For successful city marketing and branding and for the successful long-term positioning of the destination in general, it is necessary to involve the key stakeholders and collaborate with as many as possible despite the fact that the branding of a city destination (or any destination for that matter) is a complex process. It is significant that all the stakeholders, who are always carriers of different interests, are invited to collaborate in the planning of the tourism development and tourism development strategies, from the government, the private sector, schools etc. It is also important to involve the citizens, who can provide a valuable opinion about the environment they live in – what they like about their environment, what suggestion would they give to tourists about gastronomy, attractions, shops, events, etc. It is significant that citizens are proud of their urban environment, that they know their own environment, and that they have the motivation for the involvement in the process of improvement of their home environment (through projects, discussions, etc.). It is impossible to create attractive urban environments or cities if residents do not have a positive opinion about the place they live in. That is why it is essential for the education institutions at all levels, but especially for the institutions at the primary levels to educate children, toddlers, pupils, students, about the importance of urban environment development and create a positive learning environment, where children are able to develop as residents with a great understanding of the potential of the environment they live in. The paper explores the importance of raising awareness of the urban environment in primary schools from the theoretical, analytical and practical point of views. In the paper, we will examine whether primary schools in the city of Maribor, Slovenia educate children about their urban environment, if they are creating positive learning environments, where children can develop into proud citizens aware of the significance of the urban environment and its consequences for the quality of their lives. Further on, the curricula in chosen primary schools in Maribor is going to be analyzed. With the survey, we will try to identify the degree of children’s awareness of their surrounding urban environment, the information they receive about their environment, and their attitude towards it. And finally, what is most important, we will try to show the extreme significance of the learning environment and the curricula for raising the awareness of the environment and growing into responsible adults who will also act responsibly towards their urban environments.
Keywords: tourism, branding, literature, urban, environment, education, children
Published: 03.11.2017; Views: 844; Downloads: 205
.pdf Full text (804,52 KB)
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Handbook for writing and editing texts of the Faculty of tourism of the University of Maribor
Mitja Gorenak, Borut Vojinović, Andreja Trdina, Boris Prevolšek, Marko Koščak, Barbara Pavlakovič, Maja Rosi, Nejc Pozvek, 2017, professional monograph

Abstract: The learning process at the faculty requires not only attending lectures and active participation in the tutorials, but also intensive individual work of a student, which is often presented in the form of a seminar paper. However, the most important individual work of a student is definitely a final paper - a diploma or a master's thesis. In order to present and facilitate the preparation of written works for the students of the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Maribor, we have prepared this handbook for writing and editing texts at the faculty. The professional monograph covers the chapters that lead the student through the whole process of research and writing their paper. From the initial search of the research idea and the basics of scientific writing and research in tourism, to the individual steps of the research process and research methods. The professional monograph also includes a chapter on personal relationships, which in particular addresses the relationship between a student and a mentor in the process of preparing the paper or thesis. The handbook also provides practical advice on language and text designing, as well as instructions for citing references. The professional monograph, thus, combines basic information that both students of tourism and their lecturers will use in their study and work processes, as they will follow the uniform guidelines for writing texts in tourism at the Faculty of Tourism.
Keywords: writing texts, editing, research, citing, text designing
Published: 16.11.2017; Views: 652; Downloads: 44
.pdf Full text (1,33 MB)
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Nika Mernik, 2016, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Diplomska naloga z naslovom Vpliv prireditev na promocijo destinacije Maribor - Pohorje se ukvarja s vprašanjem vpliva najpomembnejših prireditev destinacije Maribor - Pohorje (Festival Lent, Festival Maribor, Festival Stare trte, Festival Borštnikovo srečanje, Martinovanje in Čarobni december), njihove promocije ter promocije same destinacije doma in v tujini. Diplomska naloga temeljito predstavlja promocijsko strategijo destinacije Maribor - Pohorje ter išče povezave med njenimi teoretičnimi cilji ter praktičnimi dejstvi, ki smo jih pridobili s pomočjo izvajanja intervjujev na terenu s ključnimi akterji organizacije in promocije prireditev. Ključne ugotovitve intervjujev so predstavljene najprej posamično za vsako prireditev posebej, nato pa so predstavljene še skupne ugotovitve, za katere smo naredili SWOT analizo. Na podlagi ugotovitev opravljene raziskave lahko trdimo, da tradicionalne, kakovostne in atraktivne prireditve z razvito lastno identiteto skozi svoj obstoj (organizacijo, promocijo, izvedbo in podobno) pozitivno vplivajo na promocijo same destinacije Maribor - Pohorje in na ustvarjanje njene pozitivne podobe v zavesti obiskovalcev prireditev.
Keywords: prireditve, promocija, destinacija, Maribor - Pohorje
Published: 23.09.2016; Views: 1269; Downloads: 303
.pdf Full text (655,03 KB)

Brendiranje turistične destinacije - Posavje
Marko Ogorelc, 2016, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Diplomsko delo je smiselno razdeljeno v dva sklopa, prvi del je teoretični, drugi pa raziskovalni. V prvem delu smo opisovali osnove turističnih znamk in destinacijskega brendinga. Opisali smo tudi organizacijski sistem delovanja turistične destinacije v sklopu turistične znamke oz. brenda. V sklopu smo podali tudi svoje kritično mnenje in predloge, glede na izbrano temo. V nadaljevanju smo z vidika brendiranja kvalitativno in kvantitativno ocenili stanje slovenskega turizma. V zadnjem delu pa smo izvedli raziskavo, tako med zainteresirano javnostjo kot tudi turističnimi deležniki na izbrani destinaciji. Raziskavo smo izvedli s pomočjo anket in polstrukturiranih intervjujev. Rezultate raziskave smo analizirali in grafično predstavili. Na koncu diplomskega dela pa smo podali še smernice, ki bi jih izbrana destinacija morala upoštevati, ko bi se lotili projekta ustvarjanja turistične znamke.
Keywords: destinacijski management, turistična znamka, destinacijski brending, turistična destinacija, brendiranje
Published: 23.09.2016; Views: 1135; Downloads: 169
.pdf Full text (1,75 MB)

Pomen logistične infrastrukture za razvoj turistične ponudbe v Gornji Radgoni
Kaja Španbauer, 2016, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: V diplomskem delu z naslovom Pomen logistične infrastrukture za razvoj turistične ponudbe v Gornji Radgoni se osredotočamo na problematiko slabe logistične infrastrukture, ki pride v ospredje še posebej v sejemskem času, ko Gornjo Radgono obišče največ obiskovalcev. Predstavljen je tudi problem oddaljenosti Gornje Radgone od avtoceste ter neurejenost cestišč. Diplomsko delo je razdeljeno na teoretični in raziskovalni del. V teoretičnem delu so predstavljeni pomembni pojmi turizma in logistike ter informacije o Gornji Radgoni in njeni turistični ponudbi. Poleg zgodovine in opisa različnih sejmov je prikazana tudi letna rast števila obiskovalcev sejmov, števila razstavljavcev in površine razstavnih prostorov. V raziskovalnem delu so predstavljeni rezultati anketnih vprašalnikov, ki so bili razdeljeni med prebivalce mesta Gornja Radgona. V zaključnem delu naloge najdemo kritično analizo ter potrditev oziroma ovržbo zastavljenih hipotez.
Keywords: sejem, Gornja Radgona, logistična infrastruktura, turizem, logistika
Published: 18.10.2016; Views: 953; Downloads: 94
.pdf Full text (2,43 MB)

Racionalizacija logističnih procesov sindikalnih izletov javnega sektorja
Petra Grujić, 2017, bachelor thesis/paper

Abstract: Predmet raziskave diplomskega dela je bila racionalizacija logističnih procesov sindikalnih izletov javnega sektorja, kjer smo s pomočjo proučene znanstvene in strokovne literature v teoretičnem delu predstavili vlogo sindikalnih izletov v turizmu in najpogostejše logistične procese znotraj le-teh. V empiričnem delu smo raziskavo dopolnili s pomočjo vprašalnikov, ki smo jih razdelili zaposlenim izbranih podjetij javnega sektorja v občini Zagorje ob Savi in s pomočjo strukturiranega intervjuja, s katerim smo pristopili k turističnim agencijam. Glede na vse pridobljene informacije smo lahko odgovorili na zastavljena raziskovalna vprašanja in uresničili cilje. Na osnovi izvedene raziskave ugotavljamo, da se zaposleni podjetij javnega sektorja v večini radi udeležujejo sindikalnih izletov. Najpomembnejši dejavniki njihovega zadovoljstva so družba sodelavcev, izbrana destinacija, program, ki ga vodi komunikativen in iznajdljiv vodnik, s širokim znanjem, je splošno razgledan in fleksibilen. Racionalizacija logističnih procesov je v pripravi in izvedbi programa v turistični destinaciji najpogosteje izpeljana na področju prehrane in prenočitvenih kapacitet.
Keywords: sindikalni izleti, logistični procesi, javni sektor, racionalizacija logističnih procesov
Published: 11.10.2017; Views: 560; Downloads: 51
.pdf Full text (895,14 KB)

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