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Study of the receiving system of a Low Power Tag Detector and its usage in RFID and NFC applications : magistrsko delo
Jovanka Dimkovska, 2022, master's thesis

Abstract: This work presents an observation of the analog and digital architecture of the reception system of a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader in the high frequency (HF) domain and the creation of near-field communication (NFC) Application, which is developed for Android and iOS users. This thesis includes a description of RFID and NFC technology, as well as a sufficient amount of information about the standards that define those technologies. The reception system of a given interrogator was thoroughly studied, beginning with the analog signal on the interrogator’s antenna and how it is interpreted in the analog domain for determining the presence of an object in its vicinity. The most emphasis in this thesis was given to the reader when it is in a Tag Detector mode. The Tag Detector mode of the reader is the mode in which the interrogator can detect changes on its antenna. Measurements were taken while testing the Tag Detector at various gain settings of the reception system. To improve the accuracy of those detections, the Tag Detector mode was switched to reader mode, allowing the detected tag’s acknowledgement message to be received. The detection range, as well as the reading range of the interrogator, are also discussed. An NFC application was developed that functions as an interrogator for both the iOS and Android operating systems. The goal of this application is to apply the knowledge we have gained from the study about RFID and NFC communications, as well as the comparison between the tag detection and read ranges of the two types of interrogators.
Keywords: Keywords: NFC, RFID, receiver, transmitter, Tag Detector, interrogator, read range, tag detection range
Published in DKUM: 28.06.2022; Views: 724; Downloads: 54
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