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The influence of social entrepreneurship on the increase of social inclusion in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Anita Šimundža, Jožica Knez-Riedl, Vesna Čančer, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: Social entrepreneurship is an idea that has awakened much interest in recent decades, because it is based on different approaches of classical economic understanding. Initiatives of social entrepreneurship are always associated with humane ideas, aiming at the general social well-being, as opposed to traditional entrepreneurship, in which the profit is the primary goal and the main measure of success. Human Development Report: Social Inclusion in Bosnia and Herzegovina showed that over 50% of the population was socially excluded, on various grounds. Among the most vulnerable were the persons with disabilities and young people. Bearing in mind these facts, the main goal of our research was to explore and to present possibilities for overcoming social exclusion through highlighting the influence of the development of small and medium enterprises on the increase of social inclusion. The research included a survey among 20 institutions related to the field of social entrepreneurship, 100 non-governmental organizations and 100 small and medium enterprises. By using simple logarithmic regression, we partially confirmed that development of small and medium enterprises significantly influences the increase of social inclusion in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Keywords: social entrepreneurship, social enterprises, persons with disabilities, young people, social inclusion
Published: 06.07.2017; Views: 290; Downloads: 160
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Building an Entrepreneurial Society
Miroslav Rebernik, Barbara Bradač Hojnik, Katja Crnogaj, Jožica Knez-Riedl, Tadej Krošlin, Dijana Močnik, Matjaž Mulej, Ksenja Pušnik, Matej Rus, Karin Širec, Polona Tominc, 2018, scientific monograph

Abstract: The present scientific monograph was formed on the occasion of the anniversary celebrated in the academic year 2017/2018 by current and former members of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics, and the members of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management at the University of Maribor. Twenty-five years – a quarter of a century – is a period after which it is worth looking back on the past and summing up the memories of the achievements and milestones that have marked it. The monograph is also an acknowledgment and tribute to the initiator and founder of the first study track for entrepreneurship education, and the head of the Department and Institute, Professor Doctor Miroslav Rebernik. The collection of selected scientific contributions is thus put together in such a way that he is the co-author of all of them, with individual members of the Department. A collection was created that chronologically presents some of the most visible contributions of the 25-year period. We would like to thank all publishing houses that approved the reprint of the contributions.
Published: 18.04.2018; Views: 308; Downloads: 17
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