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A new transformation technique for reducing information entropy : a case study on greyscale raster images
Borut Žalik, Damjan Strnad, David Podgorelec, Ivana Kolingerová, Luka Lukač, Niko Lukač, Simon Kolmanič, Krista Rizman Žalik, Štefan Kohek, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper proposes a new string transformation technique called Move with Interleaving (MwI). Four possible ways of rearranging 2D raster images into 1D sequences of values are applied, including scan-line, left-right, strip-based, and Hilbert arrangements. Experiments on 32 benchmark greyscale raster images of various resolutions demonstrated that the proposed transformation reduces information entropy to a similar extent as the combination of the Burrows–Wheeler transform followed by the Move-To-Front or the Inversion Frequencies. The proposed transformation MwI yields the best result among all the considered transformations when the Hilbert arrangement is applied.
Keywords: computer science, algorithm, string transformation, information entropy, Hilbert space filling curve
Published in DKUM: 22.05.2024; Views: 85; Downloads: 6
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