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Improvement of the statical behaviour of pressure controlled axial piston pumps
Darko Lovrec, Edvard Detiček, 2009, original scientific article

Abstract: The control of pressure by means of variable displacement pumps is one of the most important tasks in the field of pump control, which is influenced by the properties of the pumps. Looking for a suitable control concept with good static behaviour, a method is tested which tunes the parameters of a controller. Instancing a variable displacement axial piston pump controlled bya 3/2 proportional valve the improvement will be achieved by fuzzy logic on the one hand and a non-linear approach - adaptation of gain of the classical controller - on the other.
Keywords: servo hydraulic, variable displacement pump, pressure control, conventional control structures, fuzzy control structures, nonlinear control structures
Published: 31.05.2012; Views: 892; Downloads: 27
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Idejna zasnova naprave za preizkušanje kovinskih materialov
Edvard Detiček, Mitja Kastrevc, 2011, professional article

Abstract: V prispevku je prikazan idejni načrt naprave za preizkušanje vzorcev kovinskih materialov na osnovi standardov ASTM. Načrt temelji na izkušnjah, pridobljenih pri razvoju naprave za preizkušanje anodnih vzorcev v industriji aluminija. Rekonstrukcija predpostavlja vpeljavo servohidravličnega pogona ter senzorjev pomika in sile, predvsem pa računalniškega vodenja. V ta namen so bili razviti tudi ustrezni algoritmi za regulacijo sile, ki omogočajo poleg statičnega tudi izvedbo dinamičnega preizkušanja vzorcev kovinskih materialov.
Keywords: elektrohidravlika, servopogoni, adaptivna regulacija sile, preizkuševalni stroji
Published: 01.06.2012; Views: 1258; Downloads: 26
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Mathematical models for the simulation of pumps systems
Mitja Kastrevc, Edvard Detiček, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper presents the influence of a mathematical model in the simulation of pumping systems; specifically, a model of an induction motor is presented; the paper also covers a comparison between commonly used mathematical models of AC motors. For verification of the simulated data, a practical pump system was tested.
Keywords: induction motors, mathematical modelling, hydraulic pump systems
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 488; Downloads: 36
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Design of Lyapunov based nonlinear velocity control of electrohydraulic velocity servo systems
Edvard Detiček, Nenad Gubeljak, Mitja Kastrevc, 2017, original scientific article

Abstract: Development of a hydraulically driven process of steel centrifugal die casting industry requires accurate response of position in time. In the frame of preliminary investigations the analysis and control of electrohydraulic velocity servo system is considered in the presence of flow nonlinearities and internal friction. The nonlinear and uncertainty characteristics make the conventional controller not yield to the system high requirements. Two different nonlinear design procedures are employed: feedback linearization and backstepping. It is shown that both these techniques can be successfully used to stabilize any chosen operating point of the system. Additionally, invaluable new insights are gained about the dynamics of the system under consideration. This illustrates that the true potential of constructive nonlinear design lies far beyond the mere task of achieving a desired control objective. All derived results are validated by computer simulation of the nonlinear mathematical model of the system.
Keywords: computer simulation, electro-hydraulic velocity servo system, integrator backstepping, Lyapunov methods, velocity control
Published: 11.07.2017; Views: 314; Downloads: 181
.pdf Full text (1,52 MB)
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Conference proceedings
2017, proceedings

Published: 13.09.2017; Views: 296; Downloads: 114
.pdf Full text (19,00 MB)
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Vodenje in vizualizacija obdelovalnega procesa mofa
Žan Kuder, 2019, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Diplomska naloga opisuje avtomatizacijo obdelovalnega procesa MOFA. V diplomski nalogi so opisani sestavni deli obdelovalnega procesa in krmiljenja. Obdelovalni proces je sestavljen iz sklopa treh tekočih trakov in obdelovalnega stroja. Krmilni program je sestavljen v programu Tia portal, ki je nato simuliran s programom PLCSIM. Vizualizacija virtualnega zaslona je narejena s programom EasyBuilder pro.
Keywords: obdelovalni proces, avtomatizacija, vizualizacija, krmiljenje
Published: 03.04.2019; Views: 164; Downloads: 41
.pdf Full text (3,95 MB)

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