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Logistika za prometne inženirje
Tomislav Letnik, 2024, reviewed university, higher education or higher vocational education textbook

Abstract: Uvod učbenika se posveča temeljnim pojmom, ki so potrebni za razumevanje področja logistike, in aktualnim logističnim izzivom. Skozi nadaljevanje so predstavljene bistvene sestavine logističnega sistema, njegove funkcije in pomen logistike za delovanje družbe. Poseben poudarek je namenjen logistiki v poslovnih procesih, povezanih z nabavo, proizvodnjo, prodajo in poprodajnimi ter razbremenilnimi vidiki. Opisani in razloženi so vidiki upravljanja logističnih procesov, pri čemer je poseben poudarek na oskrbovalnih verigah in mestni logistiki. Zadnji del učbenika je namenjen prihodnjemu razvoju logistike, pri čemer so podrobneje opisani procesi fizičnega interneta. Na koncu vsakega poglavja so zastavljena vprašanja, ki spodbujajo kritični razmislek z željo, da študentje raziskujejo področje logistike preko mej tega učbenika.
Keywords: tovorni transport, skladiščenje, oskrbovalna veriga, fizični internet, logistika
Published in DKUM: 27.03.2024; Views: 163; Downloads: 19
.pdf Full text (20,68 MB)
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Reševanje pritožb zoper policiste
Drago Marinkovič, 2005, published professional conference contribution

Keywords: policija, policisti, policijsko delo, pritožbe
Published in DKUM: 21.03.2024; Views: 79; Downloads: 2
.pdf Full text (251,86 KB)

Delo Komisije za preprečevanje korupcije
Drago Kos, 2005, published professional conference contribution

Keywords: korupcija, preprečevanje, Komisija za preprečevanje korupcije, Slovenija
Published in DKUM: 21.03.2024; Views: 82; Downloads: 2
.pdf Full text (153,59 KB)

Tajno policijsko delovanje
Drago Kos, Tjaša Kos, 2003, published professional conference contribution

Keywords: POMS, preiskovanje, kazniva dejanja, tajno policijsko delovanje, tajno policijsko sodelovanje
Published in DKUM: 19.03.2024; Views: 124; Downloads: 1
.pdf Full text (162,35 KB)

Graph theory approaches to maturity models : master thesis
Špela Kajzer, 2024, master's thesis

Abstract: The masters thesis, which follows the paper Graph drawing applications in combinatorial theory of maturity models, in preparation, coauthored by the author of the thesis, introduces the tiled graphs as models of learning and maturing processes. In the thesis, we show how tiled graphs can combine graphs of learning spaces or antimatroids (partial cubes) and maturity models (total orders) to yield models of learning processes. We visualise processes with optimal drawings. In the thesis, we show NP-hardness of visualisation problems resulting from most detailed models. Further, we introduce a simpler model, which ignores the details of learning and for which the visualisation problem can be solved in a polynomial time. For the rest of the thesis, we consider this model. We describe an algorithm, which finds a drawing of an ordinal panel data graph with a minimal number of edge crossings. For this problem we further define an extremal crossing number for a chosen family of ordinal panel data. Further, we explore a certain type of random instances of ordinal panel data and the expected value of a crossing number for this type of random instances. After that, we define a problem of finding the most suitable ordering on categories in panel data, in other words finding the best maturity model to fit the data. We prove the NP-hardness of the problem and formulate an integer linear program. Master thesis consists of nine chapters. The first chapter contains known results and definitions from set and graph theory and a section of computational complexity theory (NP-hardness), which will be used throughout the thesis. The following chapters present the new theory introduced in the aforementioned paper in preparation and the needed additional results and definitions. In the last chapter we present the thesis and some selected parts of the thesis with the help of learning space theory. The chapter serves as both the overview of the thesis and the use case for the theory of learning spaces, presented in the thesis.
Keywords: Maturity models, learning spaces, crossing number, crossing minimisation, tile crossing number.
Published in DKUM: 14.03.2024; Views: 262; Downloads: 7
.pdf Full text (1,46 MB)

Analiza vloge in izkoriščenosti službenih psov pri opravljanju policijskih nalog
Drago Vaupot, Branko Lobnikar, 2002, published professional conference contribution

Keywords: službeni psi, policijski psi, policija, vodniki službenih psov, analize
Published in DKUM: 11.03.2024; Views: 93; Downloads: 3
.pdf Full text (489,60 KB)

Načelo sorazmernosti in policijska uporaba sile
Drago Knez, Miroslav Žaberl, 2002, published professional conference contribution

Keywords: prisilna sredstva, uporaba sile, policija, policijska pooblastila, zakonodaja
Published in DKUM: 11.03.2024; Views: 112; Downloads: 2
.pdf Full text (457,65 KB)

Development of an experimental Dead-End microfiltration layout and process repeatability analysis
Gorazd Bombek, Luka Kevorkijan, Grega Hrovat, Drago Kuzman, Aleks Kapun, Jure Ravnik, Matjaž Hriberšek, Aleš Hribernik, 2024, original scientific article

Abstract: Microfiltration is an important process in the pharmaceutical industry. Filter selection and validation is a time-consuming and expensive process. Quality by design approach is important for product safety. The article covers the instrumentalization and process control of a laboratory-scale dead-end microfiltration layout. The layout is a downscale model of the actual production line, and the goal is filter validation and analysis of process parameters, which may influence filter operation. Filter size, fluid pressure, valve plunger speed, and timing issues were considered. The focus is on the identification of the most influential process parameters and their influence on the repeatability of pressure oscillations caused by valve opening. The goal was to find the worst-case scenario regarding pressure oscillations and, consequently, filter energy intake. The layout was designed as compact as possible to reduce pressure losses between the filter and valve. Valve-induced pressure oscillations proved to be prevailing over the water hammer effect. Several filters in sizes between 3.5 cm2 and 6900 cm2 were tested, and some recommendations were suggested for the reduction of energy intake of the filter and to improve the repeatability of the process.
Keywords: filtration, pressure oscillations, repeatability, processes, parameters
Published in DKUM: 01.02.2024; Views: 276; Downloads: 14
.pdf Full text (5,64 MB)
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Impact of transport trends on sustainability in the Western Balkans : a future-oriented business sector perspective
Tomislav Letnik, Katja Hanžič, Matej Mencinger, Drago Sever, 2024, original scientific article

Abstract: Abstract This study examines the impact of emerging transport trends on the Western Balkans and their potential to improve the sustainability and efficiency of the transport sector in the region. In the context of global efforts to reduce environmental impacts and improve transport safety, the study aims to better understand the perspective of the business sector in order to align strategic planning for the introduction of new transport technologies and practices with the expectations of the business sector. Using a questionnaire-based survey on the Mentimeter platform, the study gathers insights from 49 transport and logistics experts. The analysis uses violin plots and heat maps to visualise the expected impact of the identified trends. The results show a consensus among the experts that the emerging trends are likely to lead to a reduction in accidents, congestion, and emissions, while at the same time increasing operating costs and investment in infrastructure. In particular, trends such as alternative fuels, electrification, and smart city initiatives are highlighted as important drivers for reducing emissions. The study concludes that while these trends are likely to lead to the achievement of environmental and safety goals, they also lead to economic challenges as operating costs increase and significant infrastructure investment is required. The study emphasises the need for strategic investment, policy adjustments, and capacity building to lead the Western Balkans towards a sustainable transport future.
Keywords: transport trends, congestion, accidents, infrastructure investment, operational costs, policy adaptation
Published in DKUM: 31.01.2024; Views: 210; Downloads: 11
.pdf Full text (2,27 MB)
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Counting Hamiltonian cycles in 2-tiled graphs
Alen Vegi Kalamar, Tadej Žerak, Drago Bokal, 2021, original scientific article

Abstract: In 1930, Kuratowski showed that �3,3 and �5 are the only two minor-minimal nonplanar graphs. Robertson and Seymour extended finiteness of the set of forbidden minors for any surface. Širáň and Kochol showed that there are infinitely many k-crossing-critical graphs for any �≥2, even if restricted to simple 3-connected graphs. Recently, 2-crossing-critical graphs have been completely characterized by Bokal, Oporowski, Richter, and Salazar. We present a simplified description of large 2-crossing-critical graphs and use this simplification to count Hamiltonian cycles in such graphs. We generalize this approach to an algorithm counting Hamiltonian cycles in all 2-tiled graphs, thus extending the results of Bodroža-Pantić, Kwong, Doroslovački, and Pantić.
Keywords: crossing number, crossing-critical graph, Hamiltonian cycle
Published in DKUM: 21.12.2023; Views: 348; Downloads: 17
.pdf Full text (424,22 KB)
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