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Unobtrusive heartbeat monitoring by using a bed fiber-optic sensor
Peter Podbreznik, Denis Đonlagić, Dejan Lešnik, Boris Cigale, Damjan Zazula, 2014, original scientific article

Abstract: Demographic trends suggest that by 2050 approximately 11 % of the world population will be 80 or older. If a fast increase of chronic diseases is also considered, it becomes clear the present healthcare capacities won't be enough. The elderly and people with limited abilities must be assisted in their home environment and, thus, reduce needs for hospitalization and institutionalization. Today's computer and communication technologies provide different smart devices, which is a core of emerging intensification of homecare services, in particular remote and unobtrusive monitoring of human functional- health parameters.
Keywords: plastic optical fiber, speckle interferometry, unobtrusive monitoring of human vital signs, heartbeat detection, ballistocardiography
Published in DKUM: 21.12.2015; Views: 1607; Downloads: 108
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Unobtrusive monitoring of human vital functions based on speckle interferometry with plastic optical fiber
Peter Podbreznik, Denis Đonlagić, Dejan Lešnik, Boris Cigale, Damjan Zazula, 2013, original scientific article

Abstract: In this paper, a speckle interferometer with a plastic optical fiber system is reported for unobtrusive monitoring of heartbeat and respiration. The sensor consists of a laser diode butt-coupled to the plastic optical fiber, whose exit face projects speckle patterns onto a linear optical sensor array, which leads to a simple and cost-effective construction. Speckle images are acquired in a sequence and transformed into a 1D signal by using a phase-shifting method. Band-pass filtering and Morlet-wavelet-based multiresolutional approaches were used to analyze signals for the detection of cardiac and respiratory activities, respectively. Ten young, healthy persons participated in system testing, by lying supine on a mattress with embedded plastic optical fiber. Experimental results show the proposed system and detection algorithms are highly efficient. Sensitivities of 99.4 0.6% and 95.3 3%, precisions of 98.8 1.5% and 97.9 2.3%, and mean delays between interferometric detections and corresponding referential signals of 116.6 55.5ms and 1299.2 437.3 ms were computed for heartbeat and respiration, respectively.
Keywords: plastic optical fiber, speckle interferometry, unobtrusive monitoring, heartbeat detection, respiration detection, phase-shift method, wavelet transform
Published in DKUM: 10.07.2015; Views: 1623; Downloads: 18
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Dejan Lešnik, 2011, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: V diplomskem delu je opisan sistem za zaznavanje rodovnih interferenčnih vzorcev v plastičnih optičnih vlaknih. Opisana je tudi izgradnja sistema, ki opazuje spremembe v medrodovnem interferenčnem vzorcu in iz teh sprememb prepozna mehanske vplive na optično vlakno. Za izgradnjo tega sistema je bilo potrebno izdelati rodovni filter. Plastična optična vlakna z manjšim premerom imajo manj rodov, zato smo plastično vlakno s premerom 1mm raztegnili in mu s tem premer zmanjšali. V ta namen smo naredili napravo, ki vlakno segreje in ga razteguje do želenega premera. Izdelano nalogo smo testirali kot varnostni sistem, ki nadzoruje prisotnost vsiljivca v prostoru.
Keywords: POF, plastična optična vlakna, raztegovanje plastičnih vlaken, medrodovni interferenčni vzorec, senzor
Published in DKUM: 31.01.2012; Views: 2173; Downloads: 206
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