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A silver/silver sulphide selective electrode prepared by means of chemical treatments of silver wire
Danilo Dobčnik, Igor Gros, Mitja Kolar, 1998, original scientific article

Abstract: The preparation and usability of a sulphide ion selective electrode, prepared by means of chemical pretreatment of silver wire with an ammonium perdisulphate solution, and the sulphidization in an alkaline sulphide solution are described. The electrode is suitable for direct potentiometric measuring of sulphide in alkaline solutions of concentrations down to ▫$1 X 10^{-6} mol/L$▫. The 45 min required for each chemical treatment are enough for the preparation of the described electrode.
Keywords: analytical chemistry, ion selective electrode, preparation, silver wire, potentiometric measurements, sulphide ions
Published in DKUM: 17.08.2017; Views: 1185; Downloads: 120
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Determination of penicillamine by batch and flow-injection potentiometry with AgI-based sensor
Njegomir Radić, Josipa Komljenović, Danilo Dobčnik, 2000, original scientific article

Abstract: Potentiometric determination of penicillamine (pen) is described based on a batch experiment and flow-injection analysis (FIA) using a chemical sensor with AgI-based membrane. The membrane was prepared by pressing silver salts (AgI, Ag2S) and powdered Teflon. This membrane was incorporated in a multipurpose electrode body for batch measurements, and in a tabular flow-through sensor body for FIA measurements. For batch measurements, the equilibrium potentials recorded with continuous addition of standard penicillamine solution were considered in relation to ▫$lg(c_pen/mol L^-1)$▫. Linear response with slope of 60 mV was obtained in the concentration range from 2.5 x ▫$10^5$▫ mol ▫$L^1$▫ to 1.8 x ▫$10^-2$▫mol ▫$L-1$▫. In using the tubular sensor with a membrane of the same coposition for FIA measurements, the linear response with slope of 59 mV was recorded in the concentration range from 1 x ▫$10^4$▫ mol ▫$L^1$▫ to 1 x ▫$10^-1$▫ mol ▫$L^-1$▫. The response of the applied chemical sensor to penicillamine (designated also as RSH) is explained by the formation of sparingly soluble RSAg in the reaction solution and/or the exposed surface of the sensor. The solubility product ▫$K_s(RSAg)$▫ was determined using experimental values recorded both by batch measurements and by the continuous-flow experiment. The mean value obtained by different measurements and using a membrane of the same composition is ▫$K_s(RSAg)$▫ = (1.4+-0.1) x ▫$10^-20$▫ mol ▫$L-2$▫).
Keywords: analytical chemistry, batch potentiometry, flow-injection analysis, membrane electrode, tubular sensors, penicillamine
Published in DKUM: 05.07.2017; Views: 1153; Downloads: 85
.pdf Full text (196,90 KB)
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Determination of end-points in hydrolytic potentiometric titrations in Ca2+ -F- system
Danilo Dobčnik, Darinka Brodnjak-Vončina, 1993, original scientific article

Abstract: Mathematical modelling of a multi-component titration system of hydrolytic titrations of metal ions is described. A comparison of the calculated and experimental titration curves and end volumes in the Ca2+ -F- system at different pH values of titrated solutions is presented. The determination of the end-point of titrations by several approximation and mathematical methods is described.
Keywords: titration, end-point, potentiometric, hydrolysis
Published in DKUM: 05.07.2017; Views: 1255; Downloads: 130
.pdf Full text (17,50 MB)
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Določanje kovin v proizvodnem procesu pretaljevanja aluminija : diplomsko delo
Marija Frešer, 2008, undergraduate thesis

Keywords: aluminij, atomska absorbcijska spektoskopija, pretaljevanje
Published in DKUM: 30.01.2009; Views: 3143; Downloads: 395
.pdf Full text (1,69 MB)

Kontrola kvalitete valjarniških olj v tovarni IMPOL
1992, undergraduate thesis

Published in DKUM: 26.07.2007; Views: 2168; Downloads: 0

Kulometrična določitev žvepla v naftnih derivatih
1991, undergraduate thesis

Published in DKUM: 26.07.2007; Views: 1967; Downloads: 0

Rafinacija zlitin zlata
1992, undergraduate thesis

Keywords: materiali, zlato
Published in DKUM: 26.07.2007; Views: 3991; Downloads: 0

Hidrolizne potenciometrične titracije v sistemu Ba2+ - CrO42- - SO42- : diplomsko delo
Vladimir Kaiser, 1993, undergraduate thesis

Keywords: titracije
Published in DKUM: 26.07.2007; Views: 2534; Downloads: 0

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